Heat2Power BIG benefits

DECREASED TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Replaces grid power and eliminates battery related costs

INSTALL AND FORGET. Maintenance-free installation for over 15 years.

FASTER RESPONSE AND MORE DATA. Capable of providing a much higher sampling rate and shorter transmission interval than batteries.

Grid power and battery replacement for remote monitoring

Heat2Power BIG is an energy harvester suitable for harsh environments and remote locations for replacing either grid power or batteries.

It provides sustainable power locally from a temperature difference.

Heat2Power BIG has no moving parts, which makes it highly reliable with an expected operational lifetime of over 15 years.

Energy can be harvested from a temperature difference of 15°C and above.

Technical features

  •  IP67 and harsh environment protected
  •  Expected lifetime over 15 years
  • Temperature resistance up to 200°C
  • Easy connectivity to a broad range of devices
  •  Output voltage, selectable 5V/7V/9V/12V
  • 7Wh high reliability backup power
  • 10 minute installation

Power output

Heat source

District heating pipe (70°C)

Electricity produced annually


Electricity produced in 5 years


Case example: Leakage detection on district heating pipelines

Alarm systems on district heating pipelines use level, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors to detect leaks. The data is sent to the cloud.

Heat2Power BIG replaces the grid power or battery-pack used on these alarm systems, so costly cabling or battery replacements are not needed.

With a higher power availability in comparison to batteries, the system can measure and send data more frequently. Also more sensors and multiple units can be powered with a single Heat2Power BIG.

Heat2Power BIG can also be used on district cooling pipelines by utilizing the temperature difference between the cold pipe and warmer air.


Comparison to other power options


Minimal maintenance

High data rate

Sustainable power

Low lifetime cost

Multiple devices

Heat2Power BIG


Grid power


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