Heat2Power IoT benefits

DECREASED TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Eliminates the cost of battery replacement and existing batteries.

INCREASED COMMUNICATIONS FLEXIBILITY. Ability to power all kinds of wireless communications technologies (3G/4G/LoRa/M-Bus etc.). Freedom to vary sampling rate and transmission interval according to the needs of the application.

SUSTAINABLE. Eliminates the use of toxic lithium thionyl chloride batteries that are typically used in battery-powered IoT-devices.

Economical thermal energy harvesting for low-power applications

Heat2Power IoT transforms battery-powered devices into self-powered systems that are perfect for mass deployment.

Sustainable electricity is produced from a temperature difference.

Heat2Power IoT has no moving parts, which makes it highly reliable with an expected operational lifetime of over 15 years.

Energy can be harvested from a temperature difference of 5°C and above.

Technical features

  • Plug & play
  • 5 minute installation
  • 3.5V standard output voltage, customizable
  • IP67/IP68 protection levels available
  • Temperature resistance up to 200°C
  • Expected lifetime over 15 years
  • LiFePO4 high reliability backup battery (battery-free versions available)

Power output

Heat source

Hot potable water pipe (55°C)

District heating pipe (70°C)

Electricity produced annually



Electricity produced in 5 years



 Battery capacities for reference:
Lithium AA battery capacity ~ 5Wh
Lithium D-cell capacity ~ 70Wh

For power graphs, more detailed information or test kits, contact us at: antti@blueleaflab.com